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Simple, Rugged and VersatileMonoblock Fillers

Dual Discharge Monoblock Fillers for filling plastic, glass or metal containers

Elmar offers the custom design & manufacturing of  monoblock fillers for our clients who need to fill plastic, glass or metal containers. All Elmar Monoblock Units are powered with an AC inverter motor control. This allows an infinite range of speed regulation on the Elmar control panel. Direct worm gearbox drives all turrets and stars. Each monoblock filler comes with our 1 year machine warranty.

Safety Features

An electronic torque-limiter guards against dangerous overload conditions if a jam were to occur. Special sensors strategically placed in the Monoblock system help to ensure a constant flow of containers including no container/no fill, no container/no cap, wrong way container detector/ejector, low cap chute, low cap hopper, etc. Custom computer electronic line control systems are available.

Custom Design & Built

Elmar custom designs each monoblock filling machine to meet all of our customers’ needs. Information needed to prepare an accurate quotation of your machine includes:

Leading the way with Parts & Service

Along with a parts department, Elmar offers exceptional service for each machine we custom design & build. Our technical service personnel are here to assist you from setup & installation to maintenance and service of your filler machine. Learn More
No. Fill Heads No. Cap Heads
RPE-14 4
RPE-14 6
RPE-21 7
RPE-21 9
RPE-28 8
RPE-28 10
RPE-28 12
RPE-36 12
RPE-36 15
RPE-36 18
RPE-45 15
RPE-45 18
RPE-54 15
RPE-54 18
RPE-60 15
RPE-72 24
RPE-7 GAL. 3
RPE-14 GAL. 4
RPE-14 GAL. 6
RPE-14 GAL. 8
RPE-18 GAL. 6
RPE-27 GAL. 9
RPE-36 GAL. 18

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