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Simple, Rugged and VersatileElectronic Control Systems

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About Elmar® Electronic Control Systems

The Elmar Electronic Control Systems Department offers a full range of service, from concept and design, to start-up and commissioning, available worldwide.

As the world’s leader in filling solutions, we are able to provide complete control packages to meet your specific needs; from simple low-speed “No Container-No Fill” (NCNF) controllers to complex high-speed line controls. This flexibility allows customers to choose from standard packages, which utilize well-known, industry proven components, to custom- designed solutions that meet specific requirements.

Elmar® offers a wide variety of custom designed programs for controlling all aspects of the filling process, including such accessories as supplementary machines, conveyors, mixers, container stops, sensors, etc.


We can provide several NCNF controller options, from our simple “stand-alone” system to our high-speed system that can be integrated into your existing plant process control system.

There is a basic NCNF controller that comes pre-packaged in a stainless steel NEMA 4X enclosure. It is complete with power supply, rate indicator and totalizer, PLC unit and mode selection switch. All you have to do is mount the unit, supply the power and wire the sensors. Simple, fast and reliable.

Leading the way with Parts & Service

Along with a parts department, Elmar offers exceptional service for each machine we custom design & build. Our technical service personnel are here to assist you from setup & installation to maintenance and service of your filler machine.Learn More

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