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Discover Elmar Custom Design Filling Systems

A worldwide leader in custom designed filler machines

Since our incorporation in 1972, Elmar has led the way in custom designed & engineered filling systems. With a combined 200+ years of experience and skill, our engineers offer a high level of expertise for the design of a wide variety of fillers for liquid or dry applications. Each machine is specifically designed to meet our clients’ applications, leading to the ultimate in filler/closer machinery.

From liquid to dry products, we are able to custom design filling systems that ensure our clients’ production levels operate continuously at peak performance. Each machine is fully tested prior to delivery. Our technicians are available to setup your machine while guiding you how to properly operate and maintain your machine. Finally, our parts and service department are always on standby to keep your machine up and running.

Custom Designed Filler Machines

We are able to offer our clients custom engineered filling systems to meet their desired application. We offer the following in filling systems:

The Ultimate in Container Handling

Container handling is accomplished with various standard and optional equipment. Some of the possibilities are detent starwheels, container gate stop, no tool change parts and quick change timing screws.

Individual Piston Stroke
Adjustment (IPSA) Technology

Save thousands of dollars per year on your filling system with Elmar patented "Individual Piston Stroke Adjustment" for Rotary Piston fillers, existing or new.

Discover IPSA

Plant Line Layouts

Our custom designed plant line layouts help give a visual understanding of a line’s:

Factory Acceptance Testing

Elmar offers Factory Acceptance Testing (FAT). Contact us for more information,

Custom Engineered for a Wide Variety of Applications

Our filling systems can be designed to meet your particular application. Visit our applications page to discover the types of products we have experience filling.


We Offer Top of the Line Service & Support

Elmar provides qualified service throughout the world with our highly trained, knowledgeable personnel, who combined have over 200 years of filler experience. We are able to deliver mechanical and/or electronics service for each and every custom filler machine we build.

Elmar Service

Stay at Peak Production
with Elmar Parts

Are you an existing customer in need of replacement parts for your filler machine? Elmar’s Parts Division helps you get back into production as soon as possible.

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