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Nov 02, 2014

Pack Expo International

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Date(s) - Nov 02, 2014 - Nov 05, 2014
All Day

Chicago’s McCormick Pace
2301 S Lake Shore Dr, Chicago
Illinois 60616

Encounter Innovations for Every Processing or Packaging Challenge

When you need to meet efficiency benchmarks, roll out a new product, automate or streamline your operations, there’s only one place you need to go for the solutions to get it done: PACK EXPO International 2014.

Only PACK EXPO lets you focus on processing and packaging solutions while exploring technologies that apply to any and every CPG market. In four productive days at PACK EXPO International, you will:

Network with 48,000+ attendees from 130 countries.
See innovations from more than1,800 suppliers.
Get ideas from end users in other industries.
Discover capabilities you didn’t know existed.
Solve production and branding challenges with the latest technologies.

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Booth Size: 40 x 40


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