Over four decades of service to the food, beverage, petrochemical, personal care and pharmaceutical industries

ElmarElmar® was incorporated in 1972 and is now the largest manufacturer of filling machines in the world. Elmar® designs and manufacturers fillers, filler/closer systems and electronic control systems in 100,000 square feet of office, engineering, electronics, fabrication, inventory and manufacturing space at our world headquarters near Buffalo, New York.

Elmar® offers the widest range of filling machines in the business, with over 100 different models from 6 to 72 stations, including rotary piston, bottom fill, gravity and pocket models for filling liquids, high viscosity and solid particulates into plastic, glass, composite or metal containers, narrow neck through wide mouth, with volumes ranging from 1/2 oz. (15ml) to Imperial 5 Gallon (12 liters).

Elmar® provides spare parts for most major brand fillers and worldwide service from locations throughout North America and Europe.

Please browse our pages and see how Elmar® can be of service to you.

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