Keeping your filling equipment in top notch condition is a continuing challenge.

Elmar® can provide the solution to this dilemma by providing an Elmar® Service Contract that will help maintain your fillers at top efficiency. We can customize contracts to suit your particular needs - dependent on the number of fillers, frequency of visits and distances traveled to your plant.

Our service technician will arrive at your facility and perform a detailed inspection.
You will be provided with a full report and a list of necessary parts to keep your line running at peak efficiency. Minor adjustments will be made as needed and if major repairs are required, a date will be set to make the adjustments when all the parts have been received.

If you are interested in an Elmar® Service Contract or require more information, please contact:

Mr. Gordon R. Chasey
Tel: 716-681-5650
Fax: 716-681-4660

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