Remanufactured Equipment

Elmar® Remanufactured Filling Machines have been rebuilt* and retrofitted** to give you top performance over the same period of time as a new machine. It also reduces overall capital expenditures with compatible or reduced maintenance cost. Generally this machine is superior to the original.

*Rebuilt means thoroughly restoring the machine to its original condition and consists of:

1. Complete machine strip down
2. Replacement of all bearings, bushing, worn shafts, etc.
3. Complete paint job and every part cleaned and checked
4. Electrical to meet original standards
5. All castings rebuilt and/or new
6. All other components new

**Retrofitting refers to rebuilt areas of the machine which, through time, have become obsolete. They are updated or modified using present technology to improve and increase flexibility or to simplify or increase machine performance. These areas generally are the electrical systems, pneumatic systems and mechanical systems.

All Remanufactured Elmar® fillers come with a one year no-nonsense new machine warranty.


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