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Elmar®'s Sales and Marketing professionals are dedicated to bringing to the customer the best support and service in the industry. With over
200 years of filler experience, our sales group can assist, support and help coordinate your most demanding and complex filling applications.

Piston Fillers ( Volumetric Piston Fillers )
These machines are used for filling any level-seeking liquid with or without particulates into rigid or semi-rigid self-supporting containers. Elmar® offers machines of this type ranging in size from 4 to 72 stations, capable of filling volumes ranging from 2 oz to 5 gal (15 ml to 19 L), with production speeds of 20 to 1,500 cpm.

Particulate Fillers (Volumetric Particulate Fillers)
These machines are used for filling free-falling solids and particulates into rigid and semi-rigid self-supporting containers. Elmar® offers three different style machines ranging in size from 7 to 54 stations, capable of production speeds from 20 to 800 cpm. Selected models can fill from 2 to 150 oz (15 ml to 4.5 L).

Vacuum Syrupers (Rotary Vacuum Syrupers)
The Vacuum Syrupers originally engineered and manufactured by Atlas Pacific, now manufactured by Elmar®, are designed to accommodate a broad range of container sizes. Features include deep penetration of liquid to the product, elimination of an exhaust box and a specially designed valve that assures a positive seal. This positive seal prevents air leakage into containers under vacuum. The naturally self-lubricating valve can easily be removed for cleaning. Typical of all Elmar® fillers, a No Container No Fill mechanism is provided that stops the flow of liquid when a container is not present. Another feature is a stainless steel liquid trap tank for use in the vacuum line to collect moisture overflow when vacuum is applied. The trap tank can be positioned in the place most convenient to the syruper. Automatic emptying controls can be supplied with the liquid trap. This control is functional during operation of the filler. Elmar® Vacuum Syrupers are available in through conveyor and tangential discharge configurations. Elmar® Vacuum Syrupers provide accurate, rapid, and waste-free filling.

Gravity Fillers (Rotary Gravity Fillers)
These machines are used for filling any clear, free-flowing liquid when it is important that the product level in the filled container remain constant. As these machines fill to a level, the internal volume of the container or the consistency of pre-filled product is of little concern. These machines are available with 18, 36, or 44 stations with production speeds up to 600 cpm.

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